Roston Thornshall

A Human cleric with a poor leg, follows Boldrei


Strength 10
Strength of an average man of his size, though he has had to work to keep it up since his studies tended to be counter intuitive to fitness. His physical fitness has waned since joining the clergy
Dexterity: 9
A bum leg caused by farming accident leaves Roston at the back.
Constitution: 15
Though he is a cleric, his hardiness reflects the early years he spent on the farm his father worked. His hardiness is a pale reflection of the life that could have been.
Intelligence: 16
Some think that Intelligence is something you’re born with, but he feels it is something earned through rigorous study
Wisdom: 16
Wit however is not something that you can learn through books, and wisdom can only be acquired through experiences. Though Oakhurst had a much smaller selection of materials, it made for a richer experience.
Charisma: 11
Not a born leader nor a follower.


Roston Thornshall

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