Nasha Kel Kalees

A strong, respected leader. Quiet but stern. Comfortable with a sword.


Nasha is the leader of a small sect of Ash Walkers whose duty is to protect the larger caravans coming from the Western Continent. Due to the limited number of Ash Walkers, Nasha and her men often hire soldiers wanting passage to the city to help guard the caravan.


Nasha Kel Kalees is a noble born citizen of Kadiq Shar. She belongs to the “Ash Walkers”, and elite desert guard made up of Kadiq Shar citizens. It is the only militaristic force belonging to Kadiq Shar that proclaims any province outside of the city walls. Founded as an elite scouting unit used to monitor and hamper enemy movement in The Ash, today it used mostly as an escort for the larger caravans making their way to the city.

Nasha Kel Kalees

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