Ava Amaleth

She's an elf -tall and skinny, seriously just allow your base speciesism to take hold.


Strength: 8
Ava relies on her wits and her mouth not her ability to carry a lot of stuff and swing big things.
Dexterity: 14
Speed and nimbleness is important when your mouth tends to get you in trouble every now and then.
Constitution: 10
Ava’s healthy but she’s not a bull in armor like most adventurers, she’s mortal enough.
Intelligence: 16
Ava’s mind has hungered for more food than her stomach ever has, in this she is never full.
Wisdom: 12
Inexperienced in the world, Ava can be too trusting at times in that she thinks that people just want to do the right thing, but she won’t be fooled twice.
Charisma: 16
Ava has never need a weapon to hurt people or needed magic to bring those feeling low to greater heights.

Ava stands just under six feet with blonde hair that falls just below her shoulders. Ava’s eyes are green and while she is attractive, she isn’t what most men would call voluptuous.


Family Background
Ava was born to Avarton Amaleth and Ysmir Hyrune. Avarton is the son of Drannor Amaleth the head of the Emerald Enclave Mercantile Dynasty. Ava’s mother Ysmir is a renowned bard famous for her golden singing voice. Ava has a generous mix of both her parents finer qualities. The marriage of her parents was not favored by Avarton’s father who had plans for his fifth son. Marriage to Drannor was nothing more than another business deal and to him Avarton was making a fool of himself to marry Ysmir. Drannor allowed the marriage to go through but punished his child by sending him to “backwater” town like Oakhearst to manage the family’s interests there. This punishment turned Avarton’s heart bitter towards his wife and the marriage fell apart a few years after Ava was born. Ysmir left her husband but knew she would never be able take her child and would never see her again as long as she was close to anyone in the Amaleth family, Drannor would see to that if nothing else. This act further embittered Avarton, and his frustration grew when he realized that the dissolution of his marriage would not even allow to leave Oakhearst. Avarton’s relationship with his only child who reminded him too often of his wife was never close as well.

Personal History
Ava grew up in a broken home, to her family is made up of the people you care about not simply blood relatives. Since a young age Ava brought together individuals to comprise her close family, Tam being the closest. Ava and Tam havn’t been seperated since they were kids. They met at school, Ava being a very extroverted person was beat up by the school tough kid and they have been friends ever since.

Love Interests
No one’s business at all.

Ava loves clothes and would nothing more than to open a clothing store.

Hated Enemies
Ava hates the forest, she’s a city girl. Ava loves freedom and all the things that it could possible bring, she’s against those that repress knowledge and basic liberties.

Ava Amaleth

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