Jewel of the Desert

The adventure begins!
Into the desert!

Fame. Fortune. Mystery. Escape. There are many reasons people make the long, arduous journey to the bastion of Kadiq Shar. Not all who start this journey finish.

Our intrepid heroes each have their own reasons to make their way through the Ash. After many weeks of travel, Rosston, Ava, and Tam have made it to the first checkpoint. Along the way the group met with others that were making the long journey to Kadiq Shar. A few shop owners, a few adventurers like themselves. Even a few misanthropic creatures that avoided the main campgrounds, but was never too far from the newly forming caravan.

Among these travelers, a small group of goblinkind was spotted. Though initially thought to be thieves ransacking a campsite, it was quickly discovered that the goblins themselves meant no harm to the caravan, and was just as eager to get the the city and start anew as any other traveler. Among the goblinkind, one in particular made an effort to become friendly with the party; his name is Finkle.

After reaching the first checkpoint before heading into the Ash, it wasn’t too long that the first signs of the infamous Ash Walkers were seen making their way to camp. It was expected that a team of Ash-Walkers would me the caravan to take them through the dangers of the Ash, instead there is only one, a woman named Nasha. A few decided that this woman was not capable of leading or protecting such a large group, so left for home. One in particular, a villainous white skinned Ogre Mage felt that his chances of survival would be greater in his own hands, then the hands of a woman, and headed off into the Ash by himself.

The Stoic Nasha was unphased by this brazen flaunt of disrespect. Instead she calmly stated that any who would wish to offer up their services as conscripted guard to the caravan may speak with her. To swear yourself as a guard to the caravan may be rewarded with discounted entry to the city upon arrival; and approval from the Ash Walkers, of course.

Our heroes jumped at the chance to serve!

Only after one day of running the line, and our heroes soon saw the hardships the desert offered. They were burning through their supplies and ration quicker than anticipated. Often having to sleep during the day to insure more hospitable travel at night, meant that even rest sapped a measurable amount of energy and fortitude. all in all, the Ash was every bit the desolate hell, they were lead to believe.

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