Jewel of the Desert, Kadiq Shar


Kadiq Shar is located in “The Ash”, a desert as big as any sea, located between the continents. Kadiq Shar is the largest, wealthiest city in the known world. It started as the only consistant source of water in The Ash. This of course led to many disputes over ownership of “The ROck”, the large sliotary mountainous rocky outcrop that sits atop the fresh water source. With so many laying claim to the rights of water over the years, It wasn’t until a powerful tribe led by Mages and Sorcerors sealed off all the entrances to the water source, save one that there was a specific place to lay claim to. So, Kadiq Shar’s origins are found in a fort that protected water in the desert. Kadiq Shar went by many different names over the years, trading from one leader to another. As one powerful warrior toppled the previous, the name, and even parts of the city would change to suit the ruler’s designs. IN this way the city has expanded, destroyed, rebuilt and burned. Many brave and powerful men laid claim to the ownership of Kadiq Shar, though none for very long. At one point it was even controlled by an Orc Warloard from a distant continent. Though the city itself changed with each new ruler, one thing did remain constant with each new regime. The Order of Mages. No matter who claimed ownership of the city, or for what reasons, the Order of Mages was left unmolested. Even the Foreigner Ork Warlord left them to their own devices. If ever the city was to be destroyed, the Order’s house and towers remained untouched, unburned. While it is known that Kadiq Shar’s origins lie with water, and to own water in the desert is to own wealth and power. The worth and value of Kadiq Shar to foreign powers lie with what The Rock holds, Mithril. The Rock Contains the largest known vein of Mithril in the world.

Built beside a large Rock structure known simply as “The Rock”, it might be assumed Kadiq Shar’s proximity to the the the mountain outcrop originated with a tactical mind for defense. And while the natural defense of The Rock has certaintly allowed Kadiq Shar the time needed to establish itself as a Metroplis, but it’s founding was not due to defensive measures, it’s founding was due entirely to water. A center of trade between the three great continents. It can be said that travelling unprepared through “The Ash” is dangerous as going to war without a shield, though many do so to see the wonder that is Kadiq Shar, for a chance to hear her secrets.

Jewel of the Desert

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